Marketer's Cruise


Cruise Client

With many hours logged at sea, this client agreed to a new look for his Marketers Cruise Tee-Shirts. It’s an exciting event that offers a lot of great information and networking…and lots of fun in the sun!

JV Jacuzzi networking


His corporate identity was solid, yet he was willing to expand on it with a fresh look for the annual cruise tee shirt.



We had the artful visuals build on the equity of some of the events such as the JV Jacuzzi and Pizza and Profits.



He is a “Captain”of many cruises, so we created and digitized art elements that can be used in his marketing materials for consistent visual imagery that is modular and can be used in a great variety of ways.



On our journey together, we created artful elements for the tee-shirt which can  find their way into almost any of his marketing in a great variety of ways!

Brandiful.Art where your brand’s true colors come to life…and BEAUTIFULLY.

Pizza & Profits
Brandiful Patternizes!